Lemon Gel

Lemon Gel

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Q: Why to choose Lemon Gel?
Lemon Gel gives you brightness and whitening to skin. It helps to reduce acne,
scars, pigmentation on skin.

Q: What are the key ingredients used in this gel?
Key ingredients used in this gel is natural and pure lemon extracts.

Q: What are the directions to use this gel?
Apply this gel on skin and slightly massage and leave it on, do not wash with
water. It can be used on daily basis.

Q: Are there any allergic or side effects on skin?
Lemon Gel is totally natural and it does not have any side effects.

Q: How this Lemon Gel gives effects on skin?
Lemon Gel helps in reducing pigmentation on skin and gives brightness and
whitening effect to skin.

Q: How lemon extracts present in this gel helps treat skin?
Lemon Extract-

 One of the main benefits of lemon extract is its high antioxidant content.
Specifically, one hundred grams of raw lemon (without the peel) contains 53
milligrams of vitamin C.
 Topical application of vitamin C has been found to protect the skin from
UV-induced damage, to increase collagen production, to lighten
discoloration, and to possibly reduce wrinkle formation.
 Lemon also contains about 7% to 10% citric acid, which is an alpha-hydroxy
acid similar to glycolic or lactic acids.
 Alpha-hydroxy acids can exfoliate dead skin cells to thin and smooth the
stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin), to increase cellular turnover,
stimulate collagen production, and increase skin flexibility.

Q: Who can use this Lemon Gel?
Both men and women from the age group of 15 years onwards can use this gel.

Q: Which type of skin can use this gel?
Lemon Gel can be used for oily skin types.

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