Neem Gel

Neem Gel

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Q: Why to choose Neem Gel?
Neem Gel is made up of natural neem extract and it can treat both skin and
hair conditions.

Q: What are the key ingredients used in this gel?
Key ingredients used in this gel is natural and pure neem extracts.

Q: What are the directions to use this gel?
Apply this gel on skin and slightly massage and leave it on, do not wash with
water. It can be used on daily basis.

Q: Are there any allergic or side effects on skin?
Neem Gel is totally natural and it does not have any side effects.

Q: How this Neem Gel gives effects on skin?
Neem Gel is effective in for both skin and hair. It is anti-bacterial and anti-
fungal which helps as anti-acne and anti-dandruff.

Q: How are Neem extracts present in this gel helps treat skin?
Neem Extract-
  Neem oil is loaded with medicinal properties associated with skin care.

 With its regenerative properties and immune-boosting compounds, neem oil
enables the skin to fight pathogens that are present below the skin surface.
This keeps the skin smooth and fights wrinkles.
 Neem stimulates collagen production which slows down the aging process
of the skin.
 Regular usage of neem oil not just smoothens wrinkles and fine lines but
also makes your skin look young and supple.
 Neem oil is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), triglycerides, vitamin E and
calcium. Vitamin E and EFAs enable neem oil to seep deep into the skin
thereby healing cracks caused by dryness.
 The asprin like compound in neem seed oil removes acne causing bacteria
from the skin. Also, the fatty acids in neem oil prevent scars caused by
 Neem hair oil not only improves your scalp health but also maintains the PH
level of the scalp.
 Neem oil leaves your hair untangled and strong, thereby taming them to your
desired style.
 Neem hair oil is the age-old solution for healthy hair growth. While it
strengthens the roots and accelerates growth, it can also be used to counter
the effects of hair thinning caused by pollution, stress or medication.
 Split ends could lead to stunted hair growth making hair frizzy and
unmanageable. Neem seed oil benefits include moisturizing of hair from root
to tip and gentle repair of hair cuticles.

Q: Who can use this Neem Gel?
Both men and women from the age group of 15 years onwards can use this gel.

Q: Which type of skin and Hairs can use this gel?
Neem Gel can be used for all skin types and hair types.

Q: Which skin conditions can be treated using Neem Gel?
Neem Gel gives an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect. It can be used on both
skin and hairs for anti-acne and anti-dandruff effect.

Product Description

100% Organic
It gives an anti bacterial, anti fungal effect. It can be used on both skin & hair for anti acne & anti dandruff effect.

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